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What about Bob?

There is a saying that goes something like this... "When you buy from a small  business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get gymnastics lessons, help put food on the table, help a family pay a mortgage..." This is the truth! Chances are you and your company are very much the same as mine, so from one small business to another... HOW CAN I HELP?

Planet Graphix offers a full range of graphic design and printing services. In today’s competitive business market, image is extremely important. Even the smallest business can compete with a strong professional image.  

We believe print media is still the most effective means of advertising your business. Our goal is to provide your company with full custom graphic design, and top quality printing at...

Throughout this website, you will see the word "we" used often, however don't let that fool you. There is no "we." This is a small business, run by ME (Bob Daniels) and only ME. You will never speak to anyone else. I'm a single Dad, and run this company out of my home, and if you call, you may even hear my 5yr old daughter in the background. I feel part of the charm of my business is that I have a one-on-one relationship with my customers. This casual, yet professional environment I've tried to create has suited me well, I've worked with teenagers starting their first business, as well as Fortune 500 companies, I've been known to take calls at 1:00AM, text message and email from the beach, there are no rules. I've become true friends with many of my clients. I'm not here to get rich! I'm here because I enjoy what I do, and I like helping people in any way possible.


Bob & Danika


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